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For almost 30 years…

     it’s the experience that counts

  • Staff parties
  • Private functions
  • Boat christenings
  • Gala dinners

For almost 30 years, Select Catering has been organizing a range of events including staff parties, private functions, gala dinners and corporate events. With each event, it’s the experience that counts. That’s why Select Catering more than meets guests’ requirements. From the culinary element to decoration and service, with our personal attention and eye for detail, we exceed our guests’ expectations to create a unique experience time and time again.

Select Catering caters at any desired venue at home and abroad. Event venues, churches, business premises and museums, anything is possible. As Amsterdam’s museum caterer, we are ‘exclusive supplier’ of the EYE Film Institute and ‘preferred caterer’ at the Rijksmuseum, Scheepvaartmuseum and the Stedelijk Museum amongst others. Amsterdam museums are our specialty, but there are of course many other venues where we can supply your event.

About us


Select Catering is exclusive and revolutionary, the company is searching for new ideas continuously and launches every year a new concept. Select Catering supplies for over 30 years high class party catering and is known for its consistent quality, enthusiastic team and loyal clients. Select Catering received the ‘Alliance Support Award’ in 2008, handed out by Alliance Gastronomique and was nominated as ‘Partycaterer of the Year’ (one single year event).

Select Catering started January 1986 as Party Cocktail Team . Because of the fast growing customer database, the company worked on a large group of itinerant employees. The right appearance and qualities of these employees, resulted in a growing demand for promotion actions. Because of this Tom Jongen (founder and owner of Select Catering) was forced to establish a new company.

In January 1990 Spirit Hosting & Promotions, agency for hostesses and promotions, was founded. Since 1990 they deploy qualified employees in front of and behind the scenes during promotions, conferences and events and behind the front office of organizations. Meanwhile Spirit Hosting & Promotions is the lengthening of a large number of loyal and renowned organizations.
The accompanying goal is a good and substantive relationship with the clients, in order to create innovative and flexible solutions together for every activity.

In this same year Tom Jongen took part in catering company VIP Catering, de exclusive supplier of the Maritime Museum in Amsterdam which was established in one of the wings of the Maritime Museum. VIP Catering was organizing exclusive events and dinners almost daily. A fixed team of employees served 300 dinner guests or 700 partying guests easily. This company was founded by Hans Visser, who was the compagnon of Tom Jongen by that time.

In the years that followed Tom Jongen launched different companies, including Young Label, Pide Pain, DCRT, Jimmy Woo on Tour and several other organizations. Besides that a diversity of labels were developed as part of Select Catering, for example Kitchen Performance, Royalton Lounge, Fast & Fresh and Rodriques.

Chefs from Michelin star kitchens who prepare food live on every desired location for (often) large groups of guests. The goal of these events is to taste de most delicious dishes and enjoy the craftsmanship. The starting point is: Ambiance, Service and Quality. The Michelen star kitchens with who we are working are for example Yamazato Okura in Amsterdam – De Bokkedoorns in Overveen – Ron Blaauw in Amsterdam – Aan de Poel in Amstelveen. These are culinary artists with the guests as spectators. 

For the really large parties of approximately 10.000 guests the concept Fast & Fresh was developed. A walking buffet without waiting lines and without chafingdish.

Rodriques represents honest products, entertainment and old-fashioned delight. The goal of Rodriques is to let the past become present on an event. For this we deploy de oldest automated ‘Berkel” cutting machines (1938) of the world for entertainment and artisan products.

The most recent concept is the Summum Lounge, which is opened in June 2012. A beautiful meeting space for both business and relational purposes. Situated in the private jet center of Schiphol, the Summum Lounge offers you the possibility to congregate or meet in a luxurious ambiance. The very comfortable boardrooms are supplied with all the needed audio and visual equipment and have a beautiful view over the jet and/or helicopter airstrip. Summum Lounge is attainable by both private jet/charter and helicopter as by car. De Lounge & Cigar Room offers the possibility to relax in between meetings and network in a less formal way. A lunch of dinner can be served as well by Michelin star Restaurant De Bokkedoorns. De total capacity of Summum Lounge is approximately 60 people.